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Kieran Woodhouse in Birmingham on 18/01/22

                Kieran Woodhouse A lifelong interest in anything paranormal, from ghosts to Bigfoot to UFOs, has led Kieran down the path of paranormal investigations. He now spends his spare time investigating haunted locations and occasionally delving into the world of UFOs and conspiracy theories.  Kieran believes that these fields …

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Sandi Adams in Birmingham on 14/09/21

“Agenda 2021 or “Agenda 2030” Allow me to present the overwhelming evidence of a plot so devious and dangerous in its nature, that full awareness of the project known as “Agenda 21” or “Agenda 2030” must be brought to common public attention. I’m playing my part in helping to disentangle the truth from the lies. …

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Martin Liedtke in Birmingham on 12/10/21

Knights Of The Truth_Tribe: MARTIN LIEDTKE’S second book> The Holy Grail of the Great Reset ‘Questions’ Oi, Oi, Wakey_Wakey! If you thought the first book, ‘The Holy Grail of our Flat Earth’ was a truckload of mind-blowing intel wait ’til you see the level of juice_age in this one. This blogger might be watching too …

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