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Truthjuice 13th anniversary / Christmas get together in Birmingham on 05/12/23

Truthjuice Birmingham 13th Anniversary Party Tonight will be the 13th Anniversary of Truthjuice Birmingham,  a bit later than usual so we are combining it with a Christmas get together.  It will also be the last truthjuice of 2023, and we are celebrating by having a get together where you can chat with like minded people, …

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Daniel Thompson-Mills in Birmingham on 21/11/23

BioTerrain Medicine & the Nature of Illness with Daniel Thompson-Mills Rather than the body being constantly under attack and defending itself from pathogenic microbes, our body is a garden. Health is maintained and restored by nourishing the terrain of the body, like a gardener tends his soil. In this presentation with slides, Daniel will explain …

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Andrew Johnson in Birmingham on 07/11/23

Expanding Consciousness, Enlarging Reality In this presentation, we will try to consider the nature of consciousness and its fundamental importance. We will consider evidence that our consciousness does not always reside in the physical body – considering the testimony of people who have had near-death experiences. What is the meaning of these experiences? Can an …

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