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John Hamer in Hull on 13/06/18

Truth Juice Hull Presents ‘The Falsification of History-Our Distorted Reality’ A compelling presentation by John Hamer, author and speaker. What is the real truth behind world events today and how has systematically falsifying history-and the present-facilitated the march towards a totalitarian society? J Edgar Hoover said that…’The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a …

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Professor David Nutt in Hull on 08/08/18

Professor David Nutt Professor David Nutt, the government’s chief drug adviser was sacked in 2009. The UK Government didn’t like what he had to say about drugs and the perceived risks and dangers of taking them. Professor Nutt will be talking about this and also imparting his unparalleled knowledge and vast understanding of drugs and …

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The Workers Revolutionary Party in Hull on 16/05/18

WORKERS REVOLUTIONARY PARTY AND YOUNG SOCIALISTS WE STAND FOR : 1. Bringing down the Tory government and for a workers government and Socialism 2. An end to tuition fees and restore free state education 3. No more Grenfells. Restore council housing and drive out the property privateers 4. No immigration control. Refugees and Immigrants should …

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Mark Devlin in Bristol on 25/07/18

Mark Devlin: Musical Truth Volume 2 In his groundbreaking book ‘Musical Truth,’ British DJ-turned author/ researcher Mark Devlin showed how the true nature of the corporate music industry tells a very different story to what’s conveyed on its glossy, glamorous surface. This talk contains content from its newly-released follow-up, Volume 2, where he continues to …

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Michael Feeley in Bristol on 27/06/18

Michael Feeley: The Ancient Code Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer of 17 years’ experience, he is a trained police investigator and evidence gatherer and he is classed as an expert witness. During the last couple of years of his police service Michael began to experience a multitude of paranormal occurrences, witnessing many …

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Nathan Riddett in Bristol on 30/05/18

Nathan Riddett: Natural Law the to end human suffering. Delving into Natural Law as the only real solution to end human slavery and planetary suffering. Also looking at; What the occult really is. Morality. Religion. Mind Control. Order-Following. Holistic Health. Reality. Entheogens and much more. An information packed, solution based talk. Admission £5 Please note: …

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Adrian Rooke in Bristol on 25/04/18

Adrian Rooke: A talk on Druidism & Pagan principles & practices An exploration of modern Druidism and Pagan principles and practices following the seasonal wheel of the year, the celtic tree calendar, wands spells magick and song. Admission £5 on the door

Joy Warren in Birmingham on 31/07/18

Water fluoridation update from Joy Warren.  Talk details to follow.

Neil Sanders in Birmingham on 22/05/18

The internet is the new information battleground. What is real, what is fake? Who can be trusted on the world wide web? Who are the Private Intelligence Contractors that manipulate information, alter perception and direct your understanding of the world for their own gains? How do they bypass the democratic process? What are their connections …

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Open Mic Night in Birmingham on 19/06/18

Tonight will be an Open Mic Night and an opportunity to catch up with friends and listen to talks. Talk slots for the second half are around 20-30 minutes so feel free to have the mic, if you have a topic you would like to speak about either let Claire or Andy know or email …

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Dave Murphy in Birmingham on 05/06/18

Why Great Britain is no longer Great or British What is British? What does it actually mean? Who are the British people? Why out of all the nations of the earth, was Britain considered Great? The answers to these questions may shock and surprise you. In this presentation you will discover that no-one is who …

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New Chartist Movement in Hull on 18/04/18

Our country is now heading towards tyranny! And it is our combined ignorance and apathy that is letting this happen! The truth is that we are all being scammed on a truly massive scale. The Brexiteers are being deceived! The Remainers are being deceived! And the rest of us are also being deceived! An Orwellian …

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Dr Rock in Birmingham on 08/05/18

  Dr Rock Ages in Chaos – is history a load of bull? Immanuel Velikovsky is best known for his 1950 publication Worlds in Collision which though vilified by the scientific establishment, was re-printed a staggering eighteen times over the next twenty-three years. Less well known, and less frequently published, are the conclusions that Velikovsky reached …

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Jamie Robinson : The Alien Enigma in Hull on 21/03/18

The Alien Enigma: Extraterrestrials – Science Fiction or Science Fact? An Evening with J.P. Robinson Truth Juice Hull invites you to an informal evening with local Hull author J.P. Robinson. This is a unique opportunity to openly discuss with the author any of the subjects covered in his non-fiction book, The Alien Enigma. Topics up …

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Colin:Michael in Birmingham on 10/04/18

Education V Edification  There is a mental war being fought everyday Miseducation of words by GOVERNMENT has been used by GOVERNMENT to punish those whom are ignorant of words. Old-test-mind & New-test-mind  KJVB 1611 letters Patent: Connotative V Denotative: Public banks & banking V private bank Citizen:   One whom has no regard to know his rights. …

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