Cara St Louis in Hull on 06/09/17

Cara St. Louis Reverse Engineer the Trance: Go Deeper

Truth Juice Hull are pleased to introduce Cara St. Louis, principal lecturer at World Lectures.

Cara St.Louis has been writing, researching and lecturing for many years on the Trance, and how to dismantle the various parts, drop the chains and walk Free, Powerful and Sovereign.

Delving into the reasons for the zombification and colonization of the mind of humanity, she has found what she believes is the foundation of our power. We are rare and sacred in the universe and so, of course, any being with a vested interest in control of this planet would be deeply interested in shutting us up and shutting us down.

Reverse Engineer the Trance: Go Deeper, the lecture, breaks our relationship with all of the universe, the earth, ourselves and each other wide open.

Take Back Your Mind.

Cara St.Louis at:

All very welcome.

Venue: Walton Street Club, Walton Street, HULL, HU3 6JR / START TIME 7.30PM

£5 Waged/ £3 Un-Waged / Donation / or whatever you can manage even if that is nothing. Truth Juice Hull is non-profit making, and the venue is free. (CONTACT TJ HULL AND BE ADDED TO THE MAILING LIST)

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