Awaken Inn Birmingham in Birmingham on 28/02/15


Saturday 28th Feb 2015

10.00 am -5 .00 pm

Birmingham Midland Institute, 9 Margaret Street B3 3BS

Cost £25.00 Workshops Extra £10 – £20

So what is this event about?…… we have 4 key speakers all experts in their own field and all providing a potential shift in our understanding and consciousness. From 10.00 – 10.30 they will be introducing themselves in different rooms at the venue. Then there will be workshops and talks all day in 4 rooms; the 4th being a lecture theatre where the events will be inclusive of entrance price all day. For those that want a more indepth experience key speakers will be holding premium workshops which for which there will be an extra charge. All together we have 12 workshop presenters, in a unique combination; chosen for their special contribution to the event.

We also have a huge room with tables for venders to promote appropriate goods and services.Anyone interested in hiring a table for only £20 should e-mail

Please take a look at the bio`s and websites of the speakers and you will see they are all clearly living their life`s mission.

Sure you can sit at home on your laptop or phone and read all this but some will feel called to move their physical body to this place for a reason.
When yearning hearts gather together with pure intention the vibrational field of consciousness is raised affecting the place, the people and the planet. Birmingham is the central heart of the Uk and this dense urban area needs your power, and your presence. Only this will make it an awesome event.

When this event finishes at 5pm there will be a two hour break for people to eat and socialise/network. Then at 7.00pm there will be another amazing event called “Multiverse”.Details of this coming soon!


For more information please visit:


This is not a Truthjuice Event.

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