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David Oates in Birmingham on 06/06/17

David Oates – Reverse Speech It has been called the discovery of the 7th sense. The research into this phenomenon has been described as being of “Nobel calibre”. It has been featured in numerous publications around the world, and in the United States it became a household name in the late 90s. It is called Reverse …

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Carl James in Hull on 12/07/17

Truth Juice Hull Presents Carl James: Disney Darkside Disney is synonymous with wholesome values, memorable stories and films that will put a smile on the faces of all the family. But is there something far more sinister lurking beneath the surface of the “House of Mouse”? In this presentation, alternative knowledge researcher and author of …

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In 2 Infinity in Hull on 26/07/17

Truth Juice Hull Presents in 2 Infinity Talk: ‘Time and Waves’ Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a common, accepted model within the minds of the public. It describes the idea that light travels from A to B. This conclusion came from a thought experiment, where Einstein imagined himself travelling on a beam of light at …

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Tony Sayers in Hull on 14/06/17

Tony Sayers: Discussing the Chakras and More Humanity is locked down and tied up, not just through physical control, but emotional, mental, and spiritual. What are the reasons? And how do we escape the clutches of evil? On my journey and discovery for truth I have come across new groundbreaking information that the ‘New Age’ …

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Stephen Mera BSc in Hull on 03/05/17

Truth Juice Hull Presents Stephen Mera BSc:The Phenomena Project Be prepared to be scared…….An evening of all things Paranormal presented by Stephen Mera the UK’s No1 lecturer on the subject!!! Phenomena Project. Steve will be revealing the truths behind the project and providing startling evidence of paranormal phenomena. The project has been described by network …

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Emma Ibbitson in Hull on 19/04/17

Truth Juice Hull Presents Traffic 2 Inside Child Protection Emma Ibbitson will be giving a short introduction to this film every parent in the UK should see. The focus will be on the film with Emma conducting a Q and A’s session at the end of the showing. The real truth behind the child protection …

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In 2 Infinity in Birmingham on 01/08/17

In 2 Infinity Talk: The Atom and the Aether Light is said to travel as both a wave and a particle. This dual behaviour has led modern science into a divided mindset. The laws of quantumphysics appear to act completely differently from those we experience every day. Suddenly, particles can travel backwards in time, become …

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Tracey Ozdemir and Nicki Philip in Hull on 31/05/17

  Truth Juice Hull Presents Media on Taija The Cove and Captivity Every year, in Taiji, Japan, dolphins are chased into a small cove and butchered in the most horrific and cruel way imaginable. The hunts are subsidized by the dolphin captivity industry, which pays top dollar for a few “show quality” dolphins that are …

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Joy Warren in Hull on 17/05/17

TRUTH JUICE HULL PRESENTS JOY WARREN: THE DANGERS OF FLUORIDE JOY WARREN BSc. (Hons) Environmental Science THE DANGERS OF FLUORIDE Joy has worked in the West Midlands all her life, including several years in Government Departments and at the University of Warwick. She gained a BSc. (Hons) in Environmental Science in 2002 following which she …

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Open Mic Night in Hull on 27/04/17

Due to unforeseen circumstances the open mic night has been re-arranged to 27th April.  Sorry for any inconvenience. TRUTH JUICE HULL PRESENTS OPEN MIC NIGHT Truth Juice Hull are happy to welcome 3 fantastic local speakers to the evening……. Colin Worral Colin made the mistake of standing in his area of Hull to be a …

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Shaista Aziz in Hull on 28/06/17

Truth Juice Hull Presents Shaista Aziz: How We Tell Our Story Disrupt, Dissent and Create: How We Tell Our Story……. Shaista Aziz is a journalist and writer specialising on race, identity and gender. She is the founder of the anti racism digital platform The Everyday Bigotry Project- which seeks to disrupt narratives around bigotry and …

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Cancelled:Roger Walker in Hull on 22/03/17

Due to circumstances beyond Truth Juice Hull’s control the next talk on Weds 22ND March 2017 featuring Roger Walker: Enlightenment is cancelled. We are looking to fill this spot with an equally interesting and informative speaker. Please watch this space. More details to follow…….. TRUTH JUICE HULL PRESENTS ROGER WALKER : ENLIGHTENMENT A Model of …

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Clive De Carle in Hull on 22/02/17

TRUTH JUICE HULL PRESENTS CLIVE DE CARLE AND SPECTROPHOTOMETRY Truth Juice Hull are very happy to welcome back Clive De Carle. This talk will concentrate on mineral deficiency in the body and also heavy metals. Clive will give a full and comprehensive talk on the subject with an opportunity for anyone who wishes to be …

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Scott Tips in Birmingham on 28/03/17

Trump and our Health Freedom Prospects? Talk details to follow.   Scott C Tips, JD Scott has been president of the NHF since 2007. A California-licensed attorney, he has specialized in food-and-drug law and trademark law, but also engages in business litigation, general business law, and nonprofit organizations, with an international clientele. Since 1989, Scott …

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John Hamer in Birmingham on 25/04/17

Behind the Curtain The Corrupt World Financial System – and how to bypass it! John Hamer  John Hamer is the author of several best-selling books, including ‘The Falsification of History,’ ‘RMS Olympic,’ ‘Titanic’s Last Secret’ and his latest work, an exposé of the utterly fraudulent worldwide, banking system and the psychopaths who control it, ‘Behind …

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