TruthJuice Article – How dangerous are Vaccines?

Just a couple of reminders about the potential dangers of vaccines

First a short Vid from The Truther Girls on Autism and Auto-immune Disease

Next a Dr Tent Lecture on the exploding Autoimmune epidemic

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marcus moon

Marcus Allen in Birmingham on 28/04/15

The Apollo Moon Landings 1969-1972. Fact or Fiction? Man has landed on the Moon! We have seen it on TV, looked at the pictures, listened to the interviews and read the books. So, how can it not be true? We all want it to be true. It is said to be the greatest scientific achievement of …

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knowledge is power

Guy Taylor in Birmingham on 17/03/15

Property Theft, corrupt judges, bent bailiffs, police inspectors with no knowledge of the law….not a re run of some seventies crime drama, but the real life turmoil of Guy and Linda Taylor, owners of Bodenham Manor. repossessed and registered in the Land registry by other persons backed up by the constabulary. The fight goes on, …

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