TruthJuice Announcement

TruthJuice News Re-Launch

TruthJuice News

   It is with great pleasure that TruthJuice announces the relaunch of its News site, its bigger, better, mobile enabled and more interactive to allow sharing via your social media outlet of choice.
Please feel free to peruse the multitude of alternative truth articles from around the planet.
Hopefully you will find it a refreshing change from mainstream media corpocracy.
Click on the **NEWS** menu item for access.
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TruthJuice Goes Mobile

TruthJuice Mobile

   With the ever increasing pull on peoples time, TruthJuice has gone mobile, to allow easier access and more social media interaction to the latest alternative events and news while on the move. We’ve used a slightly different styled look and feel for readability and navigation on Mobile Devices, we hope you enjoy!

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nottingham child abuse picture

Mark Ceylon and Mickey Summers in Birmingham on 31/03/15

Mark Ceylon and Mickey Summers Mickey will be talking about the physical and emotional abuse he received at the Beechwood Community House in Nottingham and Ceylon expanding on the research they have compiled together. The talk will contain upsetting information, offering an insight into the many victims of state sanctioned abuse.

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hull pic

Nicholas Kollerstrom in Hull on 15/07/15

There is a taboo about investigating what happened at Auschwitz during WW2. It has become a symbol and focus of ‘evil’, as told in innumerable Hollywood movies. We are indoctrinated on this topic, but not taught. Should we really still believe British WW2 atrocity propaganda 70 years after the war is over? Is there such …

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