TruthJuice Article – How dangerous are Vaccines?

Just a couple of reminders about the potential dangers of vaccines

First a short Vid from The Truther Girls on Autism and Auto-immune Disease

Next a Dr Tent Lecture on the exploding Autoimmune epidemic

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No Truthjuice Birmingham on 10/09/19

There will be no Truthjuice Birmingham on  10th September as we will be having a summer break.   Have a fantastic Summer! We return on 24th September with Alan Clay. We look forward to seeing you then.

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Nick Kollerstrom in Birmingham on 08/10/19

Nick Kollerstrom Duckgate and the Great British Skripal hoax Nick’s talk will be about new CIA director showing Trump pics of dead ducks, from Salisbury, so he expels 60 Russian diplomats.  Brits deny there were any dead ducks …  Skripals were feeding ducks just before they were ‘poisoned.’  We go over the Skripal story and its …

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Gary Biltcliff in Birmingham on 22/10/19

The Psychic Centres of Power in the UK and Ireland Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare, authors of highly acclaimed ‘The  Spine of Albion’, will share findings from their newly published book  ‘The Power of Centre’, which explores the psychic centres of power at  the omphalos sites of England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland,  and locally in the Midlands. Many …

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