Truthjuice Announcement – Yuletide Greetings

Getting in the spirit of the festivities, please enjoy these interesting videos on the origins and meaning of yule

pat reeves

Pat Reeves in Hull on 04/05/16

Optimum Health via Plant-Based Nutrition ANY HEALTH PROBLEMS? THIS IS THE TALK FOR YOU! NOT TO BE MISSED AN EXCEPTIONALLY INSPIRING LADY. ABOUT THE PRACTITIONER. Pat Reeves, living in the West Midlands, an accomplished marathon runner, personal trainer, BWLA coach and fitness consultant, who has retained her British Masters’ Powerlifting title for twenty consecutive years, …

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Thomas Janak

Thomas Janak in Leicester on 06/06/16

Animals and the afterlife You can bring a picture of your pet passed on or alive (print out/hard copy/real picture as we will be sending blessings to them). To answer recurring questions by animal lovers, pet parents and so on about what happens after the passing of animals (and the answer is not as straight …

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