Truthjuice Announcement – Yuletide Greetings

Getting in the spirit of the festivities, please enjoy these interesting videos on the origins and meaning of yule

angela needham

Angela Needham in Hull on 07/09/16

TRUTH JUICE HULL PRESENTS ANGELA NEEDHAM FRIENDS OF THE EARTH HULL As a very experienced campaigner Angela will tell you her story. A very witty and kind lady. This talk will convey through experience what action can be taken to make the world a better place. All proceeds will go to Friends of the Earth …

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mark devlin

Mark Devlin in Leicester on 01/08/16

To most people, the music industry represents a source of harmless fun and entertainment. Beneath the glossy veneer, however, lies the devastating truth of who really controls these institutions, and the deeply malevolent agendas for which they’re being used. Mark Devlin is a long-standing DJ and music journalist. ‘Musical Truth’ is the culmination of his …

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