Truthjuice Announcement – Yuletide Greetings

Getting in the spirit of the festivities, please enjoy these interesting videos on the origins and meaning of yule

ian puddick pic

Ian Puddick in Hull on 10/02/16

Presenting Ian Puddick : Corruption and the City of London Police ‘Possibly the most blatant example of institutionalized police corruption that you will ever witness…..’ Chris Plumley-Channel 4 Dispatches Correspondent. Ian Puddick – City of London Police Counter Terrorism spent over £1,500,000.00 on Operation Bohan. The objective was to close and censor my website …

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pat reeves

Pat Reeves in Birmingham on 10/05/16

ABOUT PAT REEVES  Pat Reeves, living in the West Midlands, an accomplished marathon runner, personal trainer, BWLA coach and fitness consultant, who has retained her British Masters’ Powerlifting title for twenty consecutive years, representing Great Britain both with BWLA and BDFPA Associations. She holds many World, European and Divisional records – despite the ever-present threat …

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