Truthjuice Announcement – Yuletide Greetings

Getting in the spirit of the festivities, please enjoy these interesting videos on the origins and meaning of yule


Micheal Murray, Max Bliss and Harry Rhodes – Film and talks in Norwich, Norfolk on 25/06/16

The Science Behind the Chemtrails -A New film and talk Unconventional Grey Geoengineering and the Climate Change Agenda Event Description The UK premiere of a new film by Micheal J Murray  ( Also acclaimed director of  What in the World Are They Spraying and Why Are They Spraying). With two guest speakers – live from …

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Thomas Janak

Thomas Janak in Leicester on 01/06/16

Animals and the afterlife You can bring a picture of your pet passed on or alive (print out/hard copy/real picture as we will be sending blessings to them). To answer recurring questions by animal lovers, pet parents and so on about what happens after the passing of animals (and the answer is not as straight …

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