TruthJuice Gathering 2013 – Yannick Van Doorne

yannick van doorne2-pic-630x250Ancient techniques applied to food production: Pyramid applications for agriculture and energy production.

Yannick explores ancient wisdom on the application of magnetism, electricity, resonance and natural forces for gardening and agriculture; as well as pyramid applications for gardening, agriculture and energy production.

These techniques aim to fertilise the soil, boost plant growth, control pests, preserve food and keep health and harmony in the environment.

Yannick Van Doorne, Ph.D., Engineer in Agriculture and Biotechnology, grew up on a little farm in Belgium.

He is an Independent Researcher in agriculture and alternative renewable energies. In 1999, he wrote his Ph.D. thesis on ‘The Applications of Sound Waves in Agriculture for Pest Control and Plant Growth and Development.’

He is a Specialist in the Effects of Sound and Electromagnetic Natural or Artificial Waves on Water, Plant Growth and Development.

Back in 2009 he participated in writing the book : ‘Electroculture, Free Energies for Agriculture’.

He has also contributed to the production of the documentary ‘Resonance : The influences of Electromagnetic Waves on Humans’ in 2010.

Since 2009 he has been experimenting with pyramids and studying the effects of pyramids on plant growth, garden, seed treatment and energetic influences, well being and weather influences.

In 2011 Yannick presented at the 30th Annual Guelph Organic Conference in Canada, which turned out to be a huge success.

In 2012 at the Eternal Knowledge Festival, he yet again wowed the audience with his findings on these ancient techniques.

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