Sandy Newbigging in Birmingham on 29/01/13



Five words that best describe Sandy Newbigging are: approachable, genuine, positive, peaceful and caring.


Sandy C. Newbigging is the creator of the Mind Detox Method (MDM) andConscious Awareness Life Meditation (CALM). He is the author of several well-being books, including the Conscious World Awards nominated‘THUNK! How to Think Less for Serenity and Success’.


Yoga Magazine recently declared him as being ‘one of the best meditation teachers around’ and his work has been seen around the world on television channels including Discovery Health. As the founder of the Mind Detox Academy he has trained Practitioners in his method from 14 countries. And as a retreat leader he has run mind body soul detox retreats at some of the worlds best health resorts including Chiva-Som in Thailand.


Passionate about peace, Sandy’s life mission is to share ancient wisdom with a modern twist that both makes sense and is accessible for everyone. His most recent book, THUNK! has been described as ‘totally life-changing’ by best-selling author Suzy Greaves, a ‘masterpiece’ by best selling author Sasha Allenby and the Barefoot Doctor said ‘you will benefit from every word’. Sandy has also been described by The Times as ‘pioneering mind-body detox’ and by the co-founder of the Next Top Coach Competition Terry Malloy as a ‘rare individual who walks his talk’.


When training as a meditation teacher he meditated day and night for 24 weeks. During that time he explored the nature of the mind and stabalised his experience of resting in the still silent inner peace that’s he says is ‘always present’. This enables him to teach from a very pure place and speak from his firsthand experience.


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