John Harris


A new talk by John – ‘So what do you want to know?’

John has decided that it is about time he cleared up a few issues regarding subjects tpuc and he have covered over the last few years- some being the ‘freeman’ issue, lawful rebellion, pros and cons of bucking the system and what they ultimately result in.

This talk will deal with history, law, the legal world, legal loopholes, politics, worldly problems and much more… and a general update on John’s views, perspectives and notions coming from his experiences with the above over the last 6 years and before.

This talk will also encompass information for new comers as well and John’s ‘idea’ regarding a solution to worldly woes suffered by us all, no matter where you live in the world – but as always it is only ‘one’ mans views.

This is a no holds barred talk and if you are easily offended, then this is not a talk for you. John will deliberately mess with your mind, beliefs and your worldly perspective and although he will apologise for doing so, this will not stop him delivering his opinions with ‘brutal honesty’!

In his opinion everyone is entitled to their own views, whether they are the accepted one’s or not and that is regarding any subject matter, nothing is taboo.

‘You have been warned’!

The talk will accommodate many questions from the audience and in some ways will revolve around what the audience requires to know. If a subject is beyond him, he will honestly say.

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Please note; this talk is not suitable for children!


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