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Veronica Chapman

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We are pleased to welcome Veronica Chapman back to TruthJuice Liverpool.   Veronicas talk will be about private prosecutions against people in public office who are performing mis-conduct  and abusing their positions of power,  magistrates, judges, the police.  This will certainly be a tak not to be missed. Veronica as many will know is an …

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Ceylon is a very knowledgeable man, who over the last few years has been a welcome thorn in the side of the system and has helped many people via the excellent website He will be revealing how to take back our power from the likes of the banks and councils and how to get them …

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Neil Sanders

  Neil Sanders – Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Media Manipulation Of Perception – Neil Sanders, BA, MA and a qualified Hypnotherapist, has spent years reading about and researching the subject of secret government mind control projects. Neil will be discussing how the media shape perceptions and use propaganda, and show that the mainstream media …

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