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Neil Sanders

  Neil Sanders – Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Media Manipulation Of Perception – Neil Sanders, BA, MA and a qualified Hypnotherapist, has spent years reading about and researching the subject of secret government mind control projects. Neil will be discussing how the media shape perceptions and use propaganda, and show that the mainstream media …

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Wai H Tsang

Back by popular demand following Wai’s excellent talk on 2012 and Fractal Brain Theory.   Title: Fractal Minds & the Sacred Cosmology In this presentation Wai H. Tsang examines what it is that we’re actually doing in our lives and explains what is the underlying process behind all the things that we do. This talk …

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Tony Farrell

In 2010, Tony Farrell, a principal police intelligence analyst was preparing the annual threat assesment report for South Yorkshire Police. He discovered compelling evidence that both the 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist attacks were not carried out by “Islamic extremists”. Looking at the evidence of these events, Tony used his training as an Intelligence Analyst to …

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