Beltaine Unity Gathering (1st-5th May 2014)

Beltaine Unity Gathering

Event Details

How quickly festival season comes around! The sun is shining and we received an email from god this morning assuring us great weather for the event, you’ll be pleased to know. This is a quick email to let you know more of what marvels will be gracing us for the first festy of festival season. How Blessed we are…
The Site this year is Thoulstone park. We will have access to wander the 150 acres of parkland which includes lakes, forest and all kinds of interesting wildlife
Bank Holiday Weekend gives us 5 days in each other’s company to enjoy healing, bonding and celebration

What’s Occurring

Thursday we will be holding a traditional Beltain ceremony with a maypole taken from the forest, dances, fire jumping, story telling and a bardic jam with Circulus and friends
Friday kicks off with a full spectrum of healing, workshops, crafts, talks, food demos, ceremony, kids activities, communal meal and shamanic activities, and culminating in a group shamanic dance in the temple led by Akasha Wacha from the One Love Crew. We are also honoured to be hosting our tribal brothers from Mexico, The Marakame led by Don Tollo who will be sharing shamanic wisdom. For more information about participating in their special work, please call Greg on 07800 889097
Saturday continues with a jam packed lineup of inspirational activities leading up to the afternoon and evening takeover of the temple space at 4pm by the Onespirit family from London who will be guiding Being Energy Shamanic Movements, Onelove Cirsle, Lovebeam Gaia Om with Sacred Solfeggio, Rainbow Chants and Drum and Dance until the communal meal at 7pm, then from 9pm continuing with Emerge Into The Light World Tribal Live Electronic Dance, Celebration OneHeart Ecstatic Dance woth OneBeat Live Ensemble, DJ’d Elevating Tech Tribal Dance and the LoveBeam OM with Sacred Solfeggio, ending with a Message for the Moment. We will be having a Woodland Folk Fancy Dress Party supported by our very own Ricoco Woodland Makeover Team equipped with everything necessary to do hair, costumes, makeup and accessories and with Prizes for the best dressed man, woman, boy and girl
Sunday finds us hurtling through our ever-changing amazing lineups in each of our amazing areas. At dinner we will be announcing the winner of the fancy dress competition and handing out the prizes for best dressed folk.Then we will be welcoming LoveDance to take over the PA to lead us into another amazing evening of their famously great music. Lineup to follow…
Monday is our final day, but still jam-packed. We will be eating earlier to let people get off home if they need to, though you are encouraged to stay for the closing ceremony and circle songs led by Ravi Ji, Prema Love and Draupadi. This is where we will be holding our raffle populated by a host

The Areas

The Temple of Light is the main gathering space where we will be eating together and hosting Open Heart Yoga, Blindfol Fertility Drumming, Egyptian Belly Dancing, Guydance journeys, Colibri Shamanic Trance Dance, talks by the Huicholi Marakame, Interdimensional Wizadry, and Spoken Word
Avalon Rising are our talks and eclectic workshops space. These include: Shamanic Community Living, Celtic Mysteries Unveiled, Sacred Geometry from the Heart, Earth Tales from Creation Myths, Water Consciousness, Good Heavens what’s going on?, Conscious Community – Rainbow Water Prophecy, Sacred Economics, Angels, The Vibrational Essences of Planet Earth, Meeting Nature Spirits, Sacred Geometry, Speed Date Blind Dowsing The Megalith Giants, Empowerment Taxes and Karma, Worlds in Collision and the Electric Universe, Telepathy and the Complete Human, Community Peace Officers, Resonance – Beings of Frequency, How to Start a Revolution, and some cinematic films
In the Crafts Area we shall be doing large nature collages knitting workshops, laughter workshop , dreamcatchers , plant meditation, herb baskets, mandalas and mandala meditation
The Kid’s Area will have all sorts of fun activities for kids and teens, including Circus Skills, Hooping, Crafts, Stories, Facepainting and much more
Our new Arise and Shine health food café and talk space will be holding dedicated food talks including fermented foods, water wellbeing, the hemp revolution, NLP and hypnosis for eating disorders, raw food for beginners, raw chocolate demos, juice and smoothie demos and much more…
The Sun Lodge will be holding space for Shamanic Healing through plant medicines including Kambo, Hapi, Cacao and more…


If you thought last year’s welcome was good, wait till you see what we have in store at our Welcome Centre this year! We will be improving our services to be able to help our disabled brothers and sisters to camp easily as well as any others who require or request help
Our new site is amazing and we will be able to enjoy it’s amazing Sacred Temple Space. Food will be available from Eartheart Dragon Café or the Arise and Shine Health Food Café. We will of course still be serving up amazing food by our incredible in house chef Skye Carigiet.
This year we will be making available a Communal Kitchen to help families to be able to afford to feed themselves during the festy period. This will be available until it becomes the communal meal kitchen.
We are also glad to be able to provide Compost Toilets again, in line with our sustainable philosophy. Sento Spa Sauna and Showers will again be hosting there lovely area.
We will be expanding on our previous central garden with a central Sacred Garden with Earth Temple in honour of the Godesses. We have also had created for us the central Heart Shaped Fire which signifies the love that is at the core of what we are bringing to you.
Please bring what you would like to find. Also please bring plates and cutlery as people who have them will be served first at the communal meal and it saves us having to invest in loads of crockery.
Spread the Word. This event is amazing and many people say it’s their favourite festival of the season. Tickets can be bought through our website

Date: 1st-5th May 2014
Location: Thoulstone Park, Wiltshire
Post Code: BA13 4AQ