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Martin Liedtke in Birmingham on 15/09/20

To make people aware and so you can make an informed choice of whether to attend or not: The E57 Social Club are currently taking your temperature with an infrared thermometer as you enter the building, you can ask for this to be taken on the wrist instead of the forehead. The club are also …

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Mark Devlin in Birmingham on 04/08/20

Although best-known for his work exposing the darker side of the corporate music industry, over the past few months, one or two things have sidetracked Mark Devlin from this subject area.  Instead, he has been researching many elements of the “coronavirus pandemic” (which, of course, isn’t one,) – in particular, the many aspects of it …

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We’re back! TJ get together in Birmingham on 21/07/20

We are finally back at E57 Social Club, following the “Covid” lockdown.  We have been given the go ahead to recommence our meet ups from Tuesday 21st July. For our first night back we will host a free meet up to remake acquaintances and swap tales of the quarantine….and the maskeurade… We will be in the …

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