Frank Willis

Frank Willis

Frank Willis @ TruthJuice

Bio: Franks talks are based around his own life experiences. During his life, Frank,  born in Rhodesia, trained mercenary in his early twenties, had many experiences throughout his military life including Black OP’s, active service in Rhodesia, South Africa and Columbia. Franks CV includes working for an infamous Drug Baron his military life showed him first hand evidence of corruption with War, Money and Drugs, and how they all interlink with government-al agenda’s.

This background has given him a unique perspective on Chi and social interaction, now a master in martial arts, holding 2 World Records, 3 Degrees on Engineering, Social Work, and Education. Frank will take you on a journey through his life discovering  and unearthing evidence of corruption, deceit and dishonesty, but uses his experiences to educate and inform. Spiritual Healing and Chi martial arts are Franks main focus leaves his students always wanting more!

Speakers Subjects:

  • The Power of Chi
  • Aura’s
  • Reptilian Agenda’s
  • Life Story
  • Where do Humans Come From
  • Enemy of the State
  • Music and the Human Soul
  • History of UFO’s