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Name: Vicky
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Founder of TruthJuice Birmingham, now i do talks myself. if you would like any information, or help starting up your own group please just drop me an email xxx

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  2. Karen L French — January 22, 2012
  3. TruthJuice Gathering 2012 — January 12, 2012
  4. Joginder & Markéta Bola — January 12, 2012
  5. Tanya Moore — January 12, 2012

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Adam Dacay

I became interested in Meditation back in 1994 when I spent 6 months in Nepal – some of this time was spent on a Meditation Retreat in the Himalayas inside a Buddhist monastery.  This was a great introduction to the power of Meditation. I remember practicing breathing Meditation for the first time and thinking: ‘Why was …

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Karen L French

Karen L French   Five key spiritual messages in one symbol – The Gateway to the Heavens Without geometry there would be no time, no space, no possibility of your existence. Not only your physical lives, but also your thoughts, actions and creativity rely on geometry. In this talk you will learn about the role …

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TruthJuice Gathering 2012

The Gathering 2012 Hi TruthJuicer’s I’m really sorry to tell you that unfortunately the Gathering 2012 has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales. It’s a shame as I know how many of you were looking forward to this year’s event All ticket’s will be refunded within the next 28 days, sorry for any inconvenience …

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Joginder & Markéta Bola

The  Magic of Tantra – The Art of Love How Sexual Energy Can Transform Your Life  Do you seek joy, love and fulfilment in every part of your existence? Do you long to translate the mundane aspects of life into a joyful and ecstatic experience? Sexual energy is the most powerful, creative and transformative energy we all own. Discover …

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Tanya Moore

Tanya Moore, a teacher and workshop facilitator takes us on a journey of discovery: explaining how the brain learns best and how to learn something very quickly. In as little as 5 days, you can become conversational in another language! Understand the theories behind this, learn memory techniques and recognise the wonder of human potential. …

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Andrew Gough

Andrew Gough has been an enthusiast of the esoteric genre for decades. He’s Editor in Chief of a newly launched esoteric and ancient mystery focused print magazine, the internationally distributed ‘Mindscape Magazine’, Chairman of The Rennes Group, Europe’s longest running research society dedicated to the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, and former Director of the Institute of …

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Darren Deojee

Communication is the focus of all forms is the basis of Darren’s approach weather it be large community Social interactment, on a global scale, relationships, social groups or the work place he is partially interested in how we use language and sound to relate to each other Darren has an interesting approach to how we …

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The Secret Garden Party

We are having our own presence at the secret Garden Party this year with many of our speakers making an appearance at REVOLUTION BUNKER, to find out more about the festival check out the website for details

Tribe of Doris

Tribe of Doris is an amazing life changing gathering, unlike most “festivals” Doris is a summer school teaching a wide variety of music and dance workshops, celebrating the roots and culture from all the continents around the world! A wonderful combination of Drumming, Dance, Song, Ceremony, Children and youth workshops with the weeks activity’s concluding …

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TruthJuice Gathering 2010

Truth Juice Gathering 2010 was the first ever for us, it was an amazing success, had some amazing speakers, long chats by the fire that resulted in some amazing friendships. All in the most beautiful setting of the tallest waterfall in Wales, here are some highlights, if you were at the 2010 gathering please leave …

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Steve Jolly

No CCTV Campaigner Against Camera Surveillance: Steve Jolly is an English graduate with a professional background in corporate communications, public and media relations. Steve became an anti-surveillance campaigner in April 2010, when Birmingham police installed over 200 surveillance cameras to monitor two residential neighbourhoods in his city. Steve blew the whistle on the Birmingham ‘spy’ …

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Charles Farrier

No CCTV’s mottos/catchprases are: – Better community reduces crime, technology does not. – It’s rude to stare.