TruthJuice Article – Thomas Sheridan on Psychopaths

The Labyrinth of the Psychopath

Thomas Sheridan, favourite and speaker at TruthJuice speaks out on the psychopath on his You Tube channel

Please spend the time to educate yourself, if you want a mature, non-witch hunt, non histrionic introductory to the world of psychopaths (sociopaths) and how to avoid and recover from the horrific devastation they leave in their wake

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  1. Roger

    If people took the time to study Thomas Sheridan’s appraisal of the behavioral traits of psychopaths and narcissists they’d get good at spotting them and save themselves a lot of grief! Look for language with a contradictory emotion e.g. someone who says they’re passionate about something but the emotion is missing or the background emotion is wrong, they me even sound depressed. Listen for blame especially when you know your not guilty.

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Magnus Mulliner in Birmingham on 16/09/14

Survive or thrive – It’s your ‘choice’! When we get over ourselves and out of our way, we’ll discover that the sky is NOT the limit. Many were taught it was! Remember if you treated Magnus like you treat yourself on a regular basis you’d be locked up and placed in a safe psychiatric ward! …

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Carl James in Birmingham on 05/08/14

The Star Trek Agenda In 1974, Gene Roddenberry (the creator of legendary television series “Star Trek”) embarked on a journey to create the first “Star Trek” motion picture. It is known that Roddenberry was simultaneously employed by a group of new-age, space-entity-channelling, psi-enthusiasts to spread the message of “The Nine”. What is less known is …

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